Debut Release Course

Only £329
  • We co-engineer your track
  • We master your track
  • We release your track
  • We promote your track
  • We launch your artist profile

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Course Overview

Establish yourself as a DJ and producer in the music industry the easy way! With our expert guidance, we'll have you release your debut track on LSA records in a short amount of time.

To make it as an artist in the industry you have to be releasing music but it's often the most daunting task for any newbie producer. We've simplified the process with our Debut Release Course. It's designed to get you up and running as a professional artist in record time.

As part of the course, we will co-engineer your debut release, master and release it on LSA records. We'll also help you launch your artist profile and promote your release.

Your track will be available on all major platforms including Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and many more.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to overcome writer's block
  • How to work with other producers and engineers
  • How to finish a track to a releasable standard
  • How to navigate copyright law and use of samples
  • How to analyse your masters
  • How the release process works
  • How to establish your artist profile
  • How to promote your release

What Will I Gain?

  • A finished mastered work
  • Your debut release
  • Release artwork
  • Established artist profiles
  • A tailor-made promotion campaign strategy
  • Access to trusted remix artists
  • Listing on the LSA records DJ agency website

Course Schedule

Once you buy the course you will be able to schedule your two engineering sessions in the studio totalling four-hours with an advanced LSA producer. Your tutor will then continue to engineer your track and then master it. During this process, we will help you get ready for the release with a tailor-made promotion strategy and direction on how to establish your artist profile to stand out from the crowd. After the release, we will also promote it across the LSA networks and give you on-demand sales reports.


To enroll in this course you must have completed our full music production course including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.


Logic Pro

Logic Pro


Ableton Live

You have the choice to learn how to produce music at LSA on Ableton Live or Logic Pro. These programs allow you to create your own original music from scratch and are used professionally in the music industry.

Case Study

Son of Abe is an LSA production graduate who has gone through our debut release program. He's now established as a producer with press accolades, selling records on a daily basis and featuring as a headline DJ.

Son of Abe's debut release, Microwaves, released on LSA Records garnered the support from a roll-call of headline DJs and tastemakers including but not limited to:released on LSA Records garnered the support from a roll-call of headline DJs and tastemakers including but not limited to:
Shadow Child, Rex The Dog, James Zabiela, Blond:ish, DJ Barely Legal, Richie Hawtin, Chris Lake, Erick Morillo, John Digweed, Vanilla Ace, Roger Sanchez, Carl Craig and many more.

The release also contains remixes secured by LSA and created by some of the industries hottest names including Warboy, Venice Calypso and Marc Spence.

His artist profiles are now established on all the important platforms including Beatport and resident advisor. His records are on sale or available to stream internationally in all the key places including iTunes or Apply music, Deezer, Spotify, Beatport, Juno Records and many more.

Chart positions for the release include number 18 in the Electro House Beatport chart.

As part of LSA's press campaign, we secured a full-length interview for Son of Abe and chart by esteemed music publication NOTION.

"Son of Abe’s DJ sets are legendary, incorporating a deep of knowledge of music from across the globe and spanning a variety of genres." - NOTION

Terms & Conditions Of Release

For a successful release, you will need to follow our guidance and instructions. Failure to do so may result in a delay to your release or refusal to release. We reserve the right to refuse to release if the standard of your work is not high enough.

Artwork & Press Releases

LSA will create all release artwork and press releases. The artist must provide LSA with a biography and photo.

Sales Reporting

You can contact us by email for an up to date sales report at any time but please limit requests to once a month or less.


You have the right to refuse the release contract and you have the right to release your track elsewhere. Part of our contract states that you are liable for any copyright infringements within your work so make sure you only use samples you have permission to use. Generally, you will have permission to use samples sourced from sample packs or providers like Splice. The main thing to avoid is directly sampling from another track or vocal which is not part of a sample pack. In order for us to recoup the cost of artwork, press releases, administration, promotion, distribution, advertising, and release costs your track will be subject to a minimum sales target, after which royalties for will be split 50/50 between the artist and the record label.

Student Testimonial

"I had never believed that one academy could teach me to become a producing artist from scratch (making music I only dreamed I could produce); open-up gigs in iconic venues such as Ministry of Sound and Egg and places such as Ibiza and Warsaw; help me to release my debut record on an independent label; provide me with a network of DJs and industry professionals across the UK; and help me to take my DJ skills to the next level with the latest equipment and technology. This is the unfiltered reality of LSA and for anyone looking to further their music career, I couldn’t recommend them enough."

Ben High Gate (Son of Abe)