Vinyl DJ

Only £599
  • One-to-one vinyl DJ course
  • Choose your own lesson times
  • Any genre of music
  • Discover a new passion
  • Learn how to DJ with vinyl

Course Overview

Six vinyl DJ lessons (2 hours each) taught one-to-one. You can choose your DJ tutor and learn at your own speed with any style of music.

Our vinyl DJ course will teach you how to flawlessly DJ with vinyl records and turntables. You'll learn everything about collecting records, using turntables and DJing with vinyl.

Learn In Person

Lessons are all taught one-on-one from our London studios. You'll never be in a group, and you can learn at your own pace, with your favourite genre.

Taught By The Pros

Learn how to mix vinyl with London's best vinyl DJs. We have vinyl DJ tutors for all genres of music. Beginners are welcome.

Rated #1

London Sound Academy has 300+ 5 star reviews, celebrity alumni and accolades from across the industry.

Flexible Scheduling

There are six two-hour lessons that you can book any day of the week at any of our studios. All equipment is provided and lesson times are 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm or 8pm. Once booked you can reschedule when needed.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to collect records and manage your collection
  • All about your turntables and needles
  • How to handle and cue your records
  • How to beatmatch by ear using the pitch
  • How to keep your records in time
  • How to use a turntable and mixer set up
  • How to mix vinyl with EQs, ISO and FX
  • How to record a vinyl set
  • How to mix your specific genre of music
  • How to plan your first live set


There are no requirements to join this course.

Equipment & Software

PioneerAllen & HeathTechnics

You'll be using both Technics turntables and Pioneer DJ turntables within your vinyl DJ course. We'll also show you how to set up your turntables with a range of DJ mixers from Pioneer DJ and other brands.

Lesson Plan


Where to source records and how to manage your collection

Discover the best ways to get the music you love on vinyl. We even have a record shop in the studio! Once you start building your collection we'll show you how to handle and organise your collection.

How to use a turntable

We'll show you the A-Z of a turntable with great detail so you become an expert vinyl DJ.


Cueing and Mixing

We'll start you off with the baby steps and show you how to cue your records and mix them together. Preparing you for the next stage.


How to beatmatch by ear

Learn how to adjust your records by touch and keep them in perfect time.



Learn how to use the pitch to find the record's tempo and beatmatch.


Mix with vinyl

Learn how to mix your records together using a professional DJ mixer and EQ technology.


Master the blend

Take your blend to the next level with the use of ISO technology and effects.



Graduate from the course and receive your London Sound Academy Vinyl DJ Certificate.



You can choose your vinyl DJ instructor from our range of incredible DJ talent. A full list can be found on our tutors page.

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