Gift Experiences London

March 31, 2020
Written by
Mark Butcher
Gift Experiences London

The hottest, newest, gift experience sending Londoners all in a spin

If you’re looking for a great gift idea to impress a loved one, it is important you avoid gifts that are obvious, boring or sentimental. In this day and age a great gift idea needs to offer something a bit more exciting, like an 'experience gift' for example; and when it comes to 'experience gifts' London is leading the way by offering some of the most unusual and unique to choose from. But be warned, spotting a great 'experience gift' isn't as easy as it first appears. Unfortunately, some of them turn out to be nothing more than overpriced, novelty scams. However, If you choose wisely the right 'experience gift' can really deliver a perfect, unforgettable memory or even better, give someone a skill that they can own forever.

'Experience gifts' have recently undergone a revival. Long gone are the hideously dry wine tasting evenings or the naff candle making classes. London's new spin on the 'gift experience' invite you to step outside our comfort zone, forcing you to be a little more bolder and brave. This rise in the popularity of the 'experience gift' in our capital is London's hottest new gift giving trend and a first choice gift idea for any experienced gift giver. If you end up selecting something like a hot air balloon ride or a day racing cars then it is likely you haven't explored what London has to offer and consequently failed in the originality and surprise department. When it comes to variety London leads the way with the 'experience gift' and every so often you will come across a new idea for an 'experience gift' that stands out from all the rest and London Sound Academy is currently leading the way with their own 'experience gift' idea that's proving to be hugely popular with people of all ages.

The best gifts, are the ones we put some genuine thought in to.

Are you looking for a totally original and fully immersive gift idea, guaranteed to impress any friend or loved one passionate about music with a truly unforgettable experience?

The perfect gift for all experience levels, covering all music genres

London Sound Academy can help you give the gift of music with one of our many DJ or music production courses that range from learning how to DJ and producing music to the more advanced, for refining existing DJ & music producing skills. 

We offer 1 to 1 tuition for all experience levels and music genres? 

If you're not sure about their level of experience you can choose how much to give, they can then choose the course level they want. We can tailor something for any level of experience or skill. We can give them their first taste behind the decks or help them hone their skills as an experienced DJ or producer. 

Our students learn faster, gain more success and regularly secure gigs at Ministry of Sound, Egg and Electric Brixton and our Music Production students have been signed to Spinnin, Universal and Island Records! This is probably why London Sound Academy has been rated the best DJ and Music Production school in London since 2010.

Whatever the celebration we have something to suit them perfectly.

A gift can reveal just how much you know a person and how much you value them. The gift of music is perfect for any type of celebration. A Birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Graduation, Christmas, Retirement, Mothers Day, Fathers Day. Or for a Couple as they Celebrate their; Anniversary, Wedding, Engagement, Valentines Day or maybe you just want to say thank you to someone you care about. We have the perfect DJ Experience Gift for your loved one or friend. And it is probably very likely that one of our 'experience gifts' will blow everyone else's out of the picture, resulting in you reaching the status of gift giving jedi aka most thoughtful and loving in the room! Allow us to help you give the gift of music to someone you care about.

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