House and Techno DJ Lessons

August 3, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
House and Techno DJ Lessons

Tailor-made house and techno DJ lessons and courses!

We teach all genres of music at LSA but one house and techno are particularly popular with our students. We are the go-to destination for new house and techno DJs to learn how to mix house and techno the right way. All our courses are taught one-to-one so students can choose their own tutor and book with someone who plays their style of music. 

Another great advantage of one-to-one DJ lessons is that you can choose your own lesson times and avoid group tuition. You’ll learn in detail and you’ll learn fast! What’s more is that you’ll make a valuable friendship with your DJ mentor! It's the perfect option for an aspiring house or techno DJ.

London Sound Academy has been quietly training the best in the business and has become the go-to destination for music industry training whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro that wants to perfect their skills. Notion Magazine

House & Techno Beginner DJ Course

If you want to learn how to mix House or Techno music and you’re new to DJing, book our Beginner DJ Course (click here). It teaches you all the fundamentals theory and skills on the industry standard DJ technology and software. You’ll learn how to use Rekordbox to prepare perfect playlists, how to beat-match like a pro, how to mix seamlessly and how to perform creatively. 

Become A House & Techno DJ Pro!

If you have some experience already or if you've completed the Beginner DJ Course, enrol on our Intermediate or Advanced DJ courses to elevate your craft and work towards graduation. 
Graduates at LSA will be invited to join our private alumni community. It’s an awesome family of DJs, producers, label owners, Promoters and music industry professionals. Many graduates have used our community to launch their careers. 

Get House & Techno DJ Gigs

As an LSA alumni you will have the opportunity to DJ with us both in the UK and abroad. Gigs include some of London’s best house and techno clubs including Egg, Ministry of Sound, E1 and many more. We also have an annual tour in Ibiza where graduates can perform in some of the island's top venues.

LSA Graduates Performing in Amnesia, Ibiza

If you want to really push yourself as a house and techno DJ you can also enrol on our Elite DJ Course. It’s our most advanced course available and focuses on how to become a great performer utilising all the latest DJ technology. It’s especially great for house and techno DJs and unmatched anywhere in the world! 

Further Tuition

Don’t forget we also run music production courses and many students will learn how to produce their own house and techno music with us and release on our record label! For more information about any of our DJ courses for house and techno DJs click here to contact us. 

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