Gifts Ideas For DJs

December 6, 2021
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Buster Bennett
Gifts Ideas For DJs

Find the best gifts for DJs!

If you're looking for the perfect present idea for a DJ this year look no further! Our annual gifts for DJs guide is here! We've scoured the internet to find the best gifts for DJs this season ranging in price from budget friendly to super flash!

Did you know you could buy a gift that could see your loved one play at Ministry of Sound or in Ibiza? Read on to find out more!

Enjoy our breakdown of the best gifts for DJs! In our list you'll find a range of DJ gifts suitable for any type of DJ from bedroom DJ to superstar DJ, this list of DJ gifts has it all.

Have you got any more ideas for that would make the perfect gift for a DJ or do you want to speak to someone at LSA for first-hand advice? Let us know, drop us a message by clicking here.

1. DJ Experience

If you want to give the most awesome DJ experience gift check out our range of DJ gift vouchers that can be exchanged for 1:1 DJ or production lessons in our studios or online. Lessons are all tailor made to suit each student and we teach all ages and ability levels. Recipients of our DJ gift vouchers can learn in our studios or online over Zoom. It's a truly amazing experience to be in the studio and learn direct from a professional.

£100-£329 - Click here for the options & buy online.

Students who join LSA can use their DJ gift voucher to work toward completion of any of our DJ courses. Once they have completed their advanced level they can join us for the ultimate DJ experience and play at Ministry of Sound! If they want to take their DJ experience to the next level they can also join us for our annual tour in Ibiza or our tours in Amsterdam! This truly is the most amazing DJ experience there is!

Our DJ courses and gifts have a five-star rating across the board on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot and! Click here to read our reviews.

There is a DJ gift voucher for every budget, we have a two-hour package available for £100, a four-hour package for £180 and the whole course voucher for £329. The lessons are taught one-to-one and never expire. Recipients can book in their lessons seven days a week either in our cool studios or online. Booking is totally flexible!

Click here for DJ Gift Vouchers & Experiences at LSA.

LSA Graduates performing at the world famous Ministry of Sound
LSA DJ Course students performing in the most beautiful DJ booth in Ibiza!
LSA DJ Course student Joel performing at Amnesia in Ibiza during our Ibiza Tour

If you're looking for the perfect gift for an experienced DJ who has been DJing for a while we suggest that you book them onto the Elite DJ Course, Europes most advanced DJ Course! Graduates of this course receive the coveted Elite DJ Trophy! This course comprises of sixteen hours of intense DJ training with a master DJ at the LSA studios in London.

Click here for the Elite DJ Course

Contact us to buy this course as a gift.

The Elite DJ Trophy - Suitable for advanced DJs

2. Music Production Lessons

If your loved one is already a DJ the best gift to help them develop their DJ career is music production lessons. They can take the lessons in our studios in London or online. In the lessons, they will learn how to create their own original remixes and tracks that one day they will send to a record label. Students of our courses have established themselves in the music industry and have released on many major labels!

Click here for Music Production Courses

Just like our DJ lessons the music production lessons are taught one-to-one so students can choose their tutor and their lesson times. We can teach on Ableton, Logic or FL Studio and cater for any style of music!

3. DJ Photoshoot - £199

Another awesome experience for an upcoming DJ is to have their own DJ photoshoot in London. Our studios are equipment for professional photoshoots and our dedicated photographer has shot some of the biggest DJs in the industry. This is the perfect present for a DJ who wants to increase their profile and build up a repertoire of content for their social media marketing.

Shoots can be arrange in the studio or on location. Shoot times are available seven days a week.

Click here to contact us and buy the DJ photoshoot as a gift voucher.

DJ Photoshoots

4. DJ Equipment

One of the most popular gifts for a DJ will be DJ equipment. There is a huge range of DJ gear for all budgets so you can always find something affordable and within your budget. With such a huge range of equipment available to you it might seem daunting but our staff can help you decide what DJ equipment is right for your DJ loved one and your budget!

Students and recipients of our gift vouchers at LSA have access to discounted Pioneer DJ equipment. Contact us so we have help advise you on which system might be best for your budget.

Click here to contact us about discounted DJ equipment.

The popular Pioneer XDJ XZ - Access discounts on DJ equipment through LSA
The budget friendly Pioneer DDJ 400 - Popular with bedroom DJs and beginners.

5. DJ Accessories

One of the best budget friendly gift ideas for a DJ is to buy a DJ accessory. This will be something small that will help them with their DJ practice or performance. Here are some great DJ accessories gift ideas suitable for bedroom DJs but also professional DJs.

DJ Headphones

Well, what can we say, there is a HUGE range of headphones on the market suitable for DJs and they come in all shapes and sizes! With such a huge range on offer sometimes it can be difficult to know which headphones to go for. There are many tried and tested classics but over the years many new comers have bought their offering to the market. This year LSA recommends the AiAiAi TMA 2 (RRP £129) which are completely modular so you can custom build them to fit to your use. They have
excellent audio quality and look a lot more stylish than some of the other headphones available.

AiAiAi TMA 2 - Contact LSA for discount prices on DJ equipment
Monitors for Music Production

Many aspiring DJs will want to learn how to produce their own music and for that they need some good studio monitors. The sky is the limit in terms of what you can spend but we will look at some entry level options. On the top of the list is the Yamaha HS7 coming in at around 350 for a pair these speakers are an absolute steal for the quality you get with them. Great speakers that give plenty of low end while remaining quite balanced.

Yamaha HS7's

Also coming in at £350 is the KRK Rocket RP7 with their iconic yellow cones these monitors have had a huge overhaul since their earlier iteration. The biggest one being the LCD graphic equaliser on the back of the monitor that allows you to adjust the speaker to suit your room, unprecedented technology at this price point.

KRK Rocket RP7's
Blast Box

Blast Box is a portable hardware device that allows you to broadcast studio-quality, live audio content with one button. Simply connect your Blast device to any audio source and press the red button to instantly broadcast to the Blast Radio platform. It connects to the blast box radio app so you can stream along some of the biggest names in electronic music featuring names like Stuff, Carl Craig, Animal collective and Surgeon.

Blast Box Device

Dual USB

If you're a Mac user there’s nothing worse than not being able to find you’re dongle when your trying to export a new playlist to your stick. One thing that has really helped me is investing in some dual ended usb sticks. Operation with USB 3.1 these super big speed sticks are the perfect budget gift idea or stocking filler for any DJ.

Sandisk USB & USB-C

6. Funny DJ Gift Ideas

There are tons of DJ gift options out there! We've covered many over the years. Click here to see last years gift guide because some of the DJ gifts on there are still super cool! This year we've gathered some more DJ gift ideas for you. Make sure you check out Etsy, they have many cool DJ gifts.


Get a custom LED sign for a DJ loved one. Many providers will help you create a custom DJ sign with their DJ name and logo! Perfect for live-streaming from the bedroom or branding at the gigs!

LED DJ Custom Sign!

LED DJ Glasses

This one is for those DJs who don't take it too seriously! These fun DJ specs will catch the attention for all the twitch DJ streamers out there!

LED DJ Glasses

DJ Mugs

There are lots of funny DJ mugs or DJ slogans emblazoned on a range of DJ merch you can buy a DJ loved one. Check out Etsy for custom DJ present ideas that are affordable and fun. They make perfect DJ stocking filler ideas!

Funny DJ Mugs from Etsy - Perfect for the studio sessions!

DJ Studio Artwork

Every home DJ studio needs to be adorned with the relevant DJ artwork! Why not snap up some colourful art pieces with the DJ theme in mind? There are many places you can buy cool DJ related prints online.

Art print idea for a home DJ studio

DJ Decor

Got the wall art already? If your DJ loved one already has lots of artwork on their walls why not take it to the next level with some sculpture! This zen artwork features a cool as a cucumber gorilla DJ! Again, available on Etsy!

Cool DJ Gift!

Thirsty for more cool gift ideas for DJs? Check out last years guide by clicking here!

We also have a special blog about gift ideas for vinyl DJs and gift ideas for producers.

Remember, one of the best presents is an experience, which is why our gift vouchers are so popular. Click here for our range of gift vouchers!

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