The Youngest LSA DJs You Need To Know

June 30, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
The Youngest LSA DJs You Need To Know

Upcoming Young DJs You Need To Know About! 

Our one-to-one DJ and music production courses at LSA are suitable for any age or ability level. We have many students under 18 who are learning how to DJ or produce their own music, in some cases both! There are many young DJs rising through the ranks elevating their DJ and production skills with us. Here are four young DJs we want the world to know about! 

If you’re looking for DJ or production lessons for students of any age, including children, click here to contact us. 

DJ Zel - 10 Years Old 

DJ Zel - 10 Years Old


DJ Zel is 10 years old and she started DJing on 29th November 2019. Zel wanted to start DJing because she loves music, she loves to entertain people, she wants to make people happy through music, and music is her life!

She undertook 1-2-1 Advanced DJ Course at London Sound Academy and graduated with flying colours! Her tutors were Taylor, Ollie, Olmo and Kassey.

My experience with the tutors was amazing because I learnt a lot of skills and new techniques. I've had the best experience with London Sound Academy and i'm happy to be a student there.

After finishing the courses Zel has won multiple awards and we are looking forward to seeing more developments from this outstanding young lady!

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Oli Williams - 14 Years Old 

Oli Williams - 14 Years Old

I am 14 years old and I started DJing when I was 11 and started producing when I was 13. I wanted to learn how to DJ after watching DJ Puffy’s winning set at the 2016 Redbull Freestyle event.
I started with my Beginner DJ Course at LSA and have since gone all the way through the Intermediate, Advanced and Elite DJ Courses . I have also taken some vinyl lessons to go with that. Alongside the DJ courses, I have done my Beginner and Intermediate music production courses and am about to do my Advanced music production. I have also had synthesis lessons to go with the production.
I started my DJ lessons with Noah and when I got to my Advanced DJ course I had lessons with Ben. After that I had my Elite DJ course with Kieran. For my production courses I have had my lessons with Steve and I have had a synthesis lesson with Erin. I had an amazing experience as I have been through all my courses. All of the tutors have been absolutely amazing answering every question I had and helped me to make the most of the lessons by going at a pace perfect for my learning. The studios and gear have all made the experience even better, with the studios having everything I needed. My experiences were made even better because of the support you can get even when you’re not doing a course.
Since I graduated I have had the opportunity to go on a radio station (threads radio) and have had the chance to do multiple events with solaris. I would love to just thank LSA and all the tutors I have meet along the way for making the whole experience amazing!

Oli is an exceptionally talented young DJ who honing his craft all the time. We can't wait to see more developments from him! Keep up the good work!

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Dander - 14 Years Old 

Dander - 14 Years Old

I was 7 when I started DJ’ing and 11 when I started producing. I am currently 14. I got into DJing form a game called DJ Hero which I really loved to play. I really wanted to be a DJ in real life so I saved up some of my money and bought a really cheap controller on Ebay! Production just came later down the line when I wanted to make my own music that I could then mix.
I took the Elite DJ Course this year and I’m planning on getting an advanced music production course to really deepen my knowledge of making music. I have been completely self taught up until now, but I must say, I really learnt a lot from my course! Especially about things like live sampling and creating my own tracks on the fly in a DJ set using a Pioneer DJS 1000 which is used in the Elite DJ Course.
Olmo was my tutor and he did a fantastic job of explaining everything, especially about the DJS 1000 and other live techniques to really push my performing skills to the limit.
I have only graduated quite recently, so I haven’t had time to get many achievements yet, but I have started to perform a few mixes on Solaris Radio and have also just been signed to Darkest Before Dawn Records! I’m sure there will be plenty more achievements waiting for me once the industry starts to open back up after the lockdown! Not to mention the skills and knowledge I have accumulated are in and of themselves a pretty good achievement.
I just wanted to add this little story of mine that I hope may motivate others like me:
So, In my 7 years of DJing and 4 years of producing, I haven’t had it very easy to gather any form of an audience. I got put down by everyone I met, and I was surrounded by people who kept telling me I wasn’t good enough and I would never succeed, or just didn’t care. The only positive people around were my parents, but while they were (and still are) very supportive, neither of them have any kind of knowledge about the DJ world, so it’s always been quite hard for me in that regard. Nevertheless, I love what I do, and slowly but surely, I kept my cool and just continued practicing and honing my craft to perfection, albeit alone. But going against the grain for too long can have consequences. Often times I kept asking myself if I really was good enough. At the lowest of lows, I have honestly considered just quitting this thing altogether. And against all odds, my passion outgrew the negativity, and I am starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel. While I never exactly went viral, or had any famous DJ’s notice me, I have managed to surround myself with better people and an incredibly helpful and friendly community thanks to LSA, and I hope that more is to come! So in conclusion, while being young certainly has got its limitations, especially in the DJ world, it has many strengths too. It is very refreshing to see young DJ’s in such a prominently adult industry, and I feel like young DJ’s are often underestimated. So if you are in a similar place to me, don’t give up hope! Good things are bound to come, even if it takes a long time! While I haven’t had my chance to shine yet, I’m sure someday that time will come, and up until that time, I’ll keep bettering my skills and keep pushing on!

Wise words from such an awesome young DJ there! We are very happy to see his first steps in the industry are with Darkest Before Dawn Records and Solaris, both organisations that were founded by past LSA graduates. This is exactly the sort of cooperation within our community we love!

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George Allom - 15 Years Old

George Allom - 15 Years Old

And finally we have George who showed great promise throughout his classes at LSA! Now primed to join the Intermediate level we are certain we'll be reporting back on his progress!

I am 15 but I completed the Beginner DJ Course with LSA about two and a half years ago with James Wilson (Kieran). I absolutely loved it and haven’t stopped mixing since! My favourite artists are Me & My Toothbrush and my favourite record label is Defected!
I'm saving up for my Intermediate course, but haven’t quite got there yet -  it's so hard making money hard playing out when you are only 15!

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