The Top DJ & Producer Goals in 2020

March 31, 2020
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Buster Bennett
The Top DJ & Producer Goals in 2020

The Top DJ & Producer Goals in 2020 - And How to Achieve Them!

Make 2020 your year! The best way to grow as a DJ or producer is to set goals and stick to them. I’m a serial list-maker myself and I use them to help me keep track of my progress over a daily, weekly and yearly timescales. Of course, I always have a long-long term goal as well! 

What should you aim for? 

Happiness should be the ultimate goal, so find out what makes you happy and content and make a plan. A dream without a plan is just a delusion! 

Take Baby Steps

People often fail at goal planning by trying to make to do too much at once. Make a simple daily list of goals each evening to be put into action the next day. These goals should be simple. For example, rather than something grand like ‘learn how to DJ’, which is hard to do in a single day, your daily goal should be ‘email the DJ school’ or ‘buy some DJ equipment. Another example would be if you were an aspiring author to make a note to write the first page of your book, not the entire book in one goal! Baby steps turn into bigger strides in the blink of an eye, as long as you are consistent and work at them everyday. Consistent growth is essential for reaching your goals so make list-making a daily habit. 

Daily List - Small Daily Goals - E.g. Write the first page of the book. 
Weekly List - Medium Goals - E.g. Finish chapter one.
Yearly List - Big goals - E.g. Finish the book. 
Take a leap out of your comfort zone to grow as an artist.

The Top Goals in 2020 for DJs and Producers


Learn how to DJ

We have you covered! Sign up for our one-to-one DJ courses and you can learn how to DJ in record time. Choose your own lesson times and manage your own schedule, take a crash course or spread out your lessons, it's up to you! We have DJ and production lessons available seven days a week at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm so if you’re at work during the day you can join us for evening or weekend sessions. 

Click Here to View Our Range of DJ Courses. 

Learn with the latest Pioneer DJ Equipment in all of our studios.

Get More DJ Gigs

One of the biggest goals for DJs is to get more DJ gigs, especially paid DJ gigs. We’ve written many blogs on the subject. Click here to read our blog ‘42 Ways to Get More DJ Gigs’ 

42 Ways To Get More DJ Gigs

LSA Graduates DJing at Egg London

Learn How to Produce Music

The second biggest goal for DJs and producers in 2020 is to learn how to produce music. To make it as a superstar DJ you need to be making your own tracks. Music production might seem like a really hard goal but if you take baby steps you can get there in less time than you think. It’s also one of the most rewarding creative pursuits. 

Our one-to-one music production courses on Ableton, Logic and FL Studio will equip you will the skills you need in record time. You will have expert guidance from your chosen tutor and the curriculum will be tailor-made to suit your music style. If you want to learn how to produce take one-to-one classes. 

Click Here to View Our Range of Music Production Courses. 

Music Production 1-2-1 at LSA

Release Your First Track

Any newbie producer has one main goal, to get signed and release their first track. We know this is one of the hardest hurdles for new producers. Firstly your track needs to adhere to industry standards, sound professional and be a truly original piece of music. Secondly, you need to find a label who will sign you. Many producers never make it past this first hurdle, which we think is a huge shame! So, to help our graduates we have created a new course. Our Debut Release Course is designed to help producers finish their track to a professional standard and then we will release it on our in-house record label, LSA Records.

If you would like to reach the goal of finishing your first track and getting it released in 2020 sign up for the Debut Release Course. Click here to read about our latest success story and all about the course and the label. 

Release your first record with LSA

Get Your First International DJ Gig

If you’ve already played some gigs at home sometimes the next goal is to go international! One of the most rewarding aspects of being a DJ is playing for crowds around the globe. This is why we organise our annual Ibiza DJ tour for all our DJ course graduates. Taking place in August, it is a week-long tour where our DJ graduates will have the opportunity of a lifetime to DJ multiple gigs on the white isle. Past gigs have included main-stage appearances in Amnesia and Es Paradis, sub-headline slots at Sankeys, boat parties including Pukka Up and Float Your Boat, sunset beach parties, swanky hotel pool parties and more! If you have dreamt of DJing in Ibiza make sure you complete our Advanced DJ Course by April when we announce our tour and start taking bookings! 

Click Here for the Advanced DJ Course

But wait, there is more! We’ve now started organising gigs in other international locations too! During the latter part of 2019, we organised headline gigs for our Elite DJ Course graduates at Club Panama in Amsterdam, a sickening Techno club! We have also booked gigs for underground club Luzztro in Warsaw and have bookings coming up for Milan, Tokyo, Phuket and more! If you want to get access to our biggest gig bookings, make sure you sign up for our most advanced DJ course, the Elite DJ Course. 

Click Here for the Elite DJ Course. 

LSA Graduate Joel DJ playing in the main room of Amnesia

Relax and Learn on a DJ Retreat. 

Apart from our annual DJ tour in Ibiza, we will be back on the island two more times in 2020 to host two Ibizan DJ Villa Retreats with Roger Sanchez and DJ Growth Lab! If you want to learn how to produce and further your DJ career while eating healthy and soaking up the Mediterranean sun contact us. Very limited spaces are available! 

Click Here to Contact Us. 

Soak up some new skills and some sun at the same time!

Network at a Music Conference

One of the best ways to grow as an artist is to network! There are many music conferences for the electronic music industry. One of the best in the UK is the Brighton Music Conference. Taking place over four days in April 2020 BMC is an epic schedule of seminars, events, talks and showcases. LSA will, of course, be present at the conference so why not join our crew! 

Click Here for the Brighton Music Conference. 

Join a DJ and Music Producer Community

Being a DJ and producer can actually be quite a lonely profession. It’s important to become part of a local DJ and producer community for support and also for networking. This is why we formed the growing LSA Alumni community group. With over 1000 members consisting of DJs, Producers, Promoter and Music Industry Professionals it is an unparalleled network. All our DJ and production course graduates get access to the community so if you want to join just sign up for either of our courses. 

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Buy Some DJ Equipment

One of the best ways to increase your skill level is to practice, practice, practice! If you want to get your own decks at home or set up a home studio for music production we can help. Not only can we give you totally impartial advice on what equipment is best for your budget, we can also get our students discounts on some of the most popular items, like the entire Pioneer DJ range! 

Click Here to Contact Us for More Information

Get some DJ Press Shots

Every professional DJ or producer will have a press pack including some high-quality DJ press shots. It’s import to communicate how dedicated and professional you are as an artist by using only the best images. Your image is the benchmark of your professionalism. If you send a promoter a pixelated blurry image of you at a club taken on an iPhone they will not take you seriously as an artist. Make sure you’re representing the highest standards and get some decent press shots. We organise DJ photoshoots with renowned photographer Thomas Hensher in our studio and also on location. If you would like more information click the link below. 

Click Here for Information About Our DJ Photoshoots

Get a DJ Logo

Along with press photos, you need a DJ logo for flyers and for visuals in the club. It’s a great photo opportunity to play at a big club like Egg (Where our graduates also perform) and have a photo of you on the decks with your logo displayed on the big LED screens behind you. We also have some gigs at SW4 Festival in the summertime with massive LED screens which look awesome! You need a high-quality logo to take advantage of this. You also need a logo for things like business cards, record releases and social media artwork. If you are on a really small budget try using to find a cheap designer. However, to get something really special that is an entire graphic identity or original concept we suggest contacting a professional graphic designer. We have a few in our network that we connect our clients with. If you would like more information just click here to contact us for help.

Build a DJ Website

One of the best ways to deliver all your assets in an easy to navigate digital platform is to have a DJ website. We’ve partnered with the DJ website builder Vibecast and all of our graduates will now receive a free one-year DJ website! If you’re not one of our students you can also sign up on their website and build a DJ website in minutes!

Get Your Own Merchandise 

If you want to look super fly and have some great material to use to promote yourself get yourself some DJ merchandise. The best website to use is Awesome Merchandise, as the name suggests it’s really awesome! They have a huge range of products including popular items for DJs like slip-mats, stickers and T-shirts! Click here to check them out.

Get a Business Card Printed

If you’re aiming to network a lot this year why not get a DJ business card printed. There are so many places to get them made but one we love is called Moo. With Moo you can design and print the cards for a nominal fee online, making the whole process super easy. Click here to visit Moo. 

Run Your Own Event

One of the best ways to advance your DJ and production career is to run your own events. Many of our students follow our advice on the subject and use the club night as a vehicle to network and elevate their music careers. It’s also one of the most social ways to get involved in music. If you’re a party animal this might be the career for you! 

Click Here to Learn How to Write an Event Proposal

Learn How to DJ Live

If you want to up your skill level and become more of a live act you can sign up for our Elite DJ Course. It’s the most advanced DJ course available in the UK. During the course, you will take your DJ skills to the extreme with the use of specialist hardware including the Roland TR8 and the Pioneer DJS1000. You’ll become a wizard of FFX including pedals and the RMX 1000. At the end of the course, you will be awarded the Elite trophy and get access to the biggest and best DJ gigs LSA organises. 

Click Here to Enrol on the Elite DJ Course

Win a DJ or Remix Competition

We regularly post DJ and remix competitions on our mail-out and in our alumni group. Sign up to our mail-out here to make sure you don’t miss any critical news and offers!

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