Learn How To Mix Drum & Bass

July 22, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
Learn How To Mix Drum & Bass

Do you want to learn how to DJ Drum and Bass?

We support all genres of music at LSA and believe that the diversity in our faculty and student body makes us the best DJ school for all genres. We teach one-to-one so you won’t be in a group and you can learn with your own style of music. You can choose a tutor who specialises in your sound and learn at your own pace. 

Many students come to LSA to learn how to mix Drum & Bass and so we thought we would write this blog to showcase our achievements in the genre and give you the lowdown on how to DJ Drum & Bass! 

What is Drum & Bass? 

Drum & Bass, also known in its abbreviated form ‘DnB’ is a style of electronic dance music. It originated in the UK in the 1990s as an evolutionary branch of the Reggae and Dub music scenes. It’s characterised by its fast tempo and syncopated drum patterns. It’s now grown to encompass several sub-genres including Liquid, Jump Up, Neurofunk and many more! As such fertile ground for musical creativity, DnB has become a global phenomenon. At LSA we have been nurturing Drum & Bass DJ and producer talent for over ten years with many notable success stories

The Best Drum & Bass DJ Course 

Our popular DJ courses including the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite can be taught using DnB or any other genre of music you want to learn how to mix. All of the tutors at LSA teach how to mix DnB but a few actively work with the genre and play it in their own sets. If you want to learn how to mix Drum and Bass, book a DJ course at LSA by clicking here or click here to contact us if you have any questions. 

DJ Course Benefits:

Graduates of our DJ course will have DJ gig opportunities including Drum & Bass DJ gigs! In addition, graduates will be invited to join our LSA Alumni community with over 1000 DJs, producers, promoters and label owners. It’s a thriving, supportive group and gives you excellent networking and socialising opportunities. We’ve also recently created our own sub-group specifically supporting our DnB students, allowing them to work together and create their own events. 

If you want to learn how to mix drum and bass and get gigs at clubs like Ministry of Sound, Amnesia, 02 Academy Brixton, SW4 Festival and Brixton Electric book now!

Drum & Bass Music Production Course

We also teach students how to produce DnB, or any other genre they are interested in. We've had great success with some of the biggest names names in DnB coming through our doors to elevate their craft. If you want to learn how to produce Drum & Bass you can enrol on our Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced production courses. You can learn how to create DnB with Ableton, Logic, FL Studio or Reason. If you’d like to learn how to produce Drum and Bass visit our music production course pages by clicking here. For any further information or if you have any questions please click here to contact us

Graduates will also have the opportunity to release their record on our in-house record label, LSA Records. In addition we have many links with specialist DnB record labels like Warm Ears Music, a label founded by one of our tutors.

LSA DnB DJ Success Stories - Amnesia

Every summer, we take a group of LSA DJ Course graduates to Ibiza for our annual Ibiza DJ tour! It’s a week-long tour including DJ gigs all over the island including, hotels, poolsides, bars, clubs, boat parties and super-clubs! All graduates are invited to join us and DJ in Ibiza! 

The jewel in the crown of the week is the opportunity for Drum & Bass DJ course graduates to DJ at Amnesia for specialist bass-music night Together, in the main room! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase your DJ skills in one of the biggest clubs in Ibiza. DJs who perform this gig will be warming up for the one and only Chase & Status and other iconic DnB acts! It’s certainly a night to remember and it’s an opportunity exclusive to LSA graduates! 

LSA Drum & Bass DJ Course Graduate Joel Performing in Amnesia, Ibiza
LSA Drum & Bass DJ Course Graduate Louise (Askew) Performing in Amnesia, Ibiza

LSA DnB Producer Success Story - Kasra & Critical Records

Kasra is one of the DnB scenes biggest names and he’s also a production graduate from LSA! Kasra is so big that he’s constantly on tour flying from country to country entertaining his massive fan base. 

He has now launched his own record label ‘Critical’ and is nurturing a new generation of DnB stars. He’s become so influential in the scene that he’s even attracted the praise of Goldie, one of the scenes biggest ever names. 

“Kasra is a gatekeeper to what is under the surface in drum & bass. He does what he does with passion and care. He is a kindred spirit.” Goldie, Metalheadz

Kasra undertook specialist tuition with Erin, who works in our East London studio. Erin is one of our most esteemed music producers and has the most experience teaching a huge spectrum of genres to LSA students. He’s nurtured many of LSA’s upcoming DnB talents! 

"I found the quality of tutoring and service to be excellent. I'm excited to put what I learnt into practice!" Kasra

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LSA DnB DJ Success Story - Amy B

Amy B has been elevating her craft with many hours spent in our studios. She is certainly one to watch! A recent string of achievements has really put her in the spot-light as an up-and-coming DnB artist. We caught up with her in the studio for a quick Q&A!

You’ve come a long way since your lessons two years ago. Tell us about all your achievements and future plans...

My achievements to date are numerous! The biggest one has to be my monthly residency on Subtle Radio, which was confirmed this year. Another highlight is my Renegade Riddims mix for Data TransmissionDnB (the sister website of Data Transmission), which was also featured on the main Data Transmission website along with an article about myself as a DJ and my mission. With the help of Erin, I also curated another all-female D&B mix for Galdem of Eden, a platform  that showcases females in the music industry. My mix was the first in their series and was very well received. 

Who did you learn with at LSA, how did you find their D&B teaching methods?

I have worked with many tutors at the LSA, some for just the odd lesson, others for a longer period of time and I can honestly say that every single one of them has impressed me with their impeccable skills. I may have graduated from the LSA, but I will continue to have lessons as I feel I can always learn more from these extremely talented individuals.

LSA DnB DJ Success Story - Lost Child

Lost Child is another astounding talent to come from the LSA community of DnB DJs and producers. He's played many high-profile gigs both with LSA and without, has been featured on bass-music radio station Subtle FM and has founded his own DJ streaming studio! We caught up with him to ask how his career is continuing to develop.

Lost Child Poster For Subtle FM

What course did you undertake at LSA and who was your tutor?

I received an hour 1 to 1 DJ lesson with Gabriel (founder of Warm Ears Music) as a gift for Christmas and it was there that I realised I had potential. So I booked a few more sessions with Gabriel and with his skills I managed to graduate. It really helped working a professional DJ as I gained a lot of confidence. Afterward, I was introduced to the LSA Alumni community and I was instantly welcomed and grew a network of like-minded DJs in my scene

Tell us about the DnB gigs you've performed with LSA

Through LSA I’ve managed to play at some big venues like Brixton electric, Brixton 02 and gain good experience and confidence in performing!

Tell us about your live streaming, we've been seeing your excellent sets everywhere!

Since beginning I’ve also set up a live streaming studio where I regularly DJ for radio shows and label appearances which has helped me build a continuous growth in my fan base

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LSA DnB DJ Success Story - Askew

Louise, aka Askew wowed us with her DJ performances including playing the main room of Amnesia on the LSA Ibiza tour! She's been featured on the lineup with some of the biggest DnB acts!

Tell us about your progress and a DnB DJ and any achievements you've made.

Since learning at LSA, it gave me the confidence to then start approaching events and people within the scene, network, record mixes and to play out in some fantastic venues. Being able to have someone teach you and help identify if you are making mistakes and bounce ideas off I think really helped me to hit the ground running.
In terms of achievements, I started out by having some of my mixes included on DnB radio shows or reposted in events, I then started to get to know people in the scene, meeting the Rinse team in Oxford who started to give me my first regular DnB gigs in front of an audience. From there I've played across the UK and beyond, supported huge names in the scene such as Bcee, Delta Heavy, Chase and Status and Pendulum, as well as up and coming talent.

Tell us about who taught you at LSA and about your learning experience.

I had a mix of tutors which was actually nice as it felt like I learnt different things from different people. Gabriel was a massive help as he is a DnB DJ and label owner himself, Noah for his love and experience across so many genres, and Erin for his advice and ideas along the way.
For me, when I first started at LSA I loved music but had never really touched a deck before, so for me to come out of it and straight away be able to start navigating the music scene was incredible!

What was it like to perform in the Ibiza super-club Amnesia, warming up for Chase & Status on the LSA Ibiza Tour? 

In one word, Incredible!
To play at a club like Amnesia, alongside the artists that first made me fall in love with drum and bass was the most amazing experience. Everyone was so nice and it has been (and will probably remain) one of the highlights of my djing career.

You’ve also performed for DnB nights LSA has organised at Brixton Electric and Ministry of Sound too, how did they go? 

Alongside Ibiza, LSA have supported other DnB events which have been incredible to be a part of. A few years back I was able to play at Brixton Electric supporting Delta Heavy on tour. This was so much fun as I'd been to this venue a ton of times in the past to watch acts like High Contrast and Netsky, so to say I've played there myself was very cool.
Ministry of Sound is a really fun venue and I've had the opportunity to play both in the Loft and Baby Box room, and again to have such a famous club on your DJ CV is fantastic!

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LSA DnB DJ Success Story - Milna

Milna is both a Drum & Bass DJ and an DnB event organiser. He has an incredible drive and we are registering him as one to watch! We expect big things to come from this exceptional talent. We caught up to ask him about his experience at LSA and in the UK rave scene.

What course did you undertake at LSA and who was your tutor?

When I was a young lad, I had gotten my first pair of decks and it was a big thing for me. I set them up and started running about my room in excitement. Music for me gave me this electric feeling and a spiritual connection which meant I knew there was nothing else for me in life other than to be around music. However, my excitement would get me carried away a bit and instead of taking the time to look into teaching myself to mix I would just load up a song and pretend in my head I was DJing in front of a huge crowd of UK ravers, which was embarrassing having mates just walk in seeing this kid with his eyes shut waving his hands around with headphones in. I was in the zone you could say haha! I did struggle with the theory behind mixing music which is how I came across LSA.
I really really wanted to make that vision reality, so I booked my first session on the Intermediate DJ course with UKG artist Ollie Rant. Ollie was literally an older brother to me. Guiding me through the steps and stages behind mixing Drum and Bass and giving me little talks about the Industry as he was also in the UK rave scene. The course really gave me a leg to stand on and the confidence to be able to make my vision come true. Funnily enough I didn’t know that after completing the next module LSA would offer real DJ gigs at some of London’s biggest clubs!

Tell us about any DnB gigs you've performed with LSA

To be able to have my debut show at Ministry of Sound felt like such a huge achievement and really pushed me to Pursue being the Artist I am today. LSA was like the building blocks for me in Drum and Bass and now me and Ollie are really good friends and have even had a little back to back performance before and started working on a Jungle track together utilising Elements from our sounds. The Drum and Bass community is such a welcoming mix of artists and ravers from different cultures and backgrounds forming a wholesome and electric lifestyle. LSA really made me feel welcome in the Drum and Bass scene and also made me understand that there isn’t any other feeling than the energy you get when mixing music at 175bpm. One stage and can lead to another and LSA really is the start.

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Featured Drum & Bass DJ & Production Tutor - Yasmine aka Yazzus

Yasmine, known as Yazzus, is a DJ and production tutor at LSA. For production she works with Ableton and is available for all levels of our DJ and production courses. We caught up with Yasmine to hear about 6 Figure Gang, being featured by Mixmag and more!

Yazzus - One To Watch By Soundcloud

Tell us about your achievements as a DJ.

I’ve been up to a lot lately! A Boiler Room tour, international shows, being featured regularly in DJ Mag and Mixmag, selling out electric brixton with my collective 6 figure gang, being selected as a Dazed 100 candidate (with 6fg) and having The Face magazine document us too (6fg)!

What is the 6 Figure Gang?

6fg is a DJ supergroup featuring me, Sherelle, lcy, Dobby, Jossy Mitsu and Fauzia. 

What is your particular teaching style?

My teaching style, umm not sure! I’m really chilled in general so like there’s no pressure, just have fun enjoy ourselves and crack a few jokes!

What have you got coming up in 2020 and beyond?

More releases, and I’ve got some crazy shows lined up for next year!

Featured Drum & Bass DJ & Production Tutor - Erin

Erin is one of our most experienced tutors and the person who taught both Kasra and Amy B who are featured in this blog! He is available for both online and in-studio DJ and production courses and has excellent availability throughout the week. With many years producing in the studio and working actively in the scene he is a great mentor.

Featured Drum & Bass DJ Tutor - Ollie Rant

Ollie is a well known UK dance music specialist. He loves to DJ UKG and House music but is also an excellent tutor for Drum & Bass! He's a big name on the London scene and knows pretty much everyone! As well as being a great mentor he's an exceptionally fun personality to learn with.

Featured Drum & Bass DJ Tutor - Kieran

Kieran is one of the most advanced DJ tutors at LSA but also one of the most caring and patient tutors available! He’s been featured by Pioneer and is one of two tutors who teach our most advanced DJ course, the Elite DJ Course. Click here for more information on that course. 

If you want to learn how to mix drum and bass, become a drum and bass DJ or learn how to produce drum and bass come to LSA. We have a range of DJ and production courses that can be tailor-made to suit DnB. What's more is we organise DJ gigs for our drum and bass students and that is something no other academy does! Click here to contact LSA.

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