The Best DJ Blogs of 2023: The Ultimate List!

December 30, 2023
Written by
Buster Bennett
The Best DJ Blogs of 2023: The Ultimate List!

The Best DJ Blogs of 2023

2023 was a busy year for LSA and we’ve created some incredible content. Here’s our run down of the best and most useful DJ blogs we’ve released in 2023. Bookmark this page and make sure you take advantage of this free and valuable advice for DJs and producers. Be it a hobby or a career path, these DJ blogs will help you harness years of experience and launch your DJ aspirations into the stratosphere! 

These blogs have been widely shared on social media and represent our most popular DJ blogs, and the ones we think are underrated. Be sure to read each and every blog. They are easy to read and digestible for beginners and pros alike. If you're feeling lazy just click on the audio button at the top and the blog will be read aloud. We’ve also included some of our all-time favourite DJ blogs. 

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How Much Do DJs Get Paid? 

Learn how DJs decide on how much to charge promoters. This blog reveals the industry secrets on how DJs and promoters negotiate DJ fees. Use this guide to help you get more money for your DJ performances. 

Master the Art of Stage Presence

Learn how to command the stage like a headline DJ. Use this know-how to elevate your DJ performances and become a stand-out electronic music act. Master the stage with this invaluable advice for DJs both beginner and pro alike.

How to Avoid Stage Fright

Learn how to overcome performance anxiety and be confident DJing to a live audience. Use these sensible strategies and advice to help you be your best behind the decks. 

Jobs For DJs

DJs often have multiple facets to their DJ career. Learn what jobs or side hustles DJs often do alongside their weekend DJ performances

Open Decks Nights in the UK

How to use the UK’s impressive range of open deck nights to practice your DJ skills and performances. In the UK, we have many opportunities for DJs to hit the decks and gain valuable experience. Use our guide to find an open deck night near you. 

The Unwritten Rules of the DJ Booth

Learn from experienced DJs what DJ etiquette to follow and how to avoid any issues in a DJ booth. There are many unwritten rules DJs follow, use this guide to uncover how to act in a DJ booth. 

How to Choose a DJ Name

Learn how to choose a DJ name without making embarrassing and costly blunders! Your DJ name is so important so make the time to learn from our valuable advice. 

DJ Gig Checklist

Make sure you have everything you need for a DJ gig. Use this checklist to be prepared for your style of DJ gig. Learn the pros and cons of different types of DJ setups and avoid embarrassing oversights.

How to Read a Crowd 

Reading the crowd is one of the most important DJ skills you learn when you start gigging. This blog contains essential advice about how to read a crowd and adjust your set spontaneously. 

How to Mix Vinyl

If you’re interested in learning how to mix with vinyl read our guide. This blog reveals the basics of learning how to mix with vinyl records including a great visual on the anatomy of a turntable. 

Back To Back DJ Sets

Learn all about back-to-back DJ sets (or B2B sets). Discover the pros and cons of B2B DJ sets and how to correctly prepare for a B2B DJ performance.

Sixty-Day Content Calendar for DJ Producers 

An incredible sixty-day content calendar to help you plan your next release. Use this content calendar to inspire you to promote like a pro and get the maximum amount of exposure for your new track. 

Where to Find Vocals for your Remixes and Productions

Use this handy guide to help you find the best vocals for your DJ sets, remixes, mash-ups and music productions. We break down all the best sources for DJ producers to find vocals online. 

All Time Most Popular DJ Blogs

2023 was a brilliant year for our DJ blog readers with many exclusive articles and free advice. Previous years were no exception so here are our top DJ blogs of all time.

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How to Get More DJ Gigs

The ultimate guide to getting more DJ gigs from our founder and chief Buster Bennett. This DJ blog reveals more than 40 ways budding DJs can find DJ gigs. Essential advice and one of the most popular DJ blogs ever!

A Brief History of DJing

Essential reading for any budding DJ! Find out how DJ culture came to be and where we’re heading in the future. 

The DJ-Producer-Promoter Triangle 

Learn how the job of the DJ, producer and promoter often overlap and help DJs financially support themselves. 

What Makes a Headline DJ

This often-overlooked blog reveals what makes a headline DJ. This is essential reading for any aspiring DJ. 

How To Start Your Own Club Night

If you want to break into the events industry and further your DJ career consider launching your own party. This guide to starting your own club night is an incredible read. 

Why Record Labels Are Rejecting Your Demo

If you’re struggling to get signed you should read this blog! We don’t sugar-coat the reasons, this is straight up honest advice. Take a reality check and discover why you’re not being signed. 

List of Electronic Dance Music Genres

This is one of our best all time DJ blogs! The A-Z guide is an incredible way to learn about the different EDM genres including useful information on tempo and style. 

The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Switching Between DJs

This is one of the best blogs we’ve ever written! It’s an in-depth guide on how to avoid the most common DJ mistakes at live gigs. 

The Essential Guide to DJ Cables

Learn about all the different cables that DJs use including data, power and audio! 

Where to Download Free Acapella

Find the best online sources to download free acapella to use in your DJ sets. Using vocal stems like acapella will allow you to create mash-ups and remixes.

Do I Need a DJ Agent? 

This is one of the most common DJ questions answered! Many new DJs want to know if they need a DJ agent and this blog has all the answers. 

All Time Most Popular DJ Blog!

How Does Vinyl Work is our all-time most popular DJ blog with tens of thousands of hits every month! This simple guide to how DJ works reveals the genius behind vinyl records! It’s easy to understand and insightful!

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We hope you enjoyed our run-down of the best DJ blogs from 2023! If you'd like to keep up to date with our weekly blogs please click here and bookmark our blog homepage!

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